50K Ultra Trail – an enormous risk or great opportunity?

50K Ultra Trail is a self-propelled race, where the participant has the right to stop the competition when he or she wants. All you need to do is to call the MRL rescue team leader.

50K requires experience on long climbs and traverses, preparation for terrain with large bumps, and varied and changing weather. Extreme temperatures (high or low), winds, and even drizzle, hail, and blizzards can make the temperature drop a few degrees below zero, crossing rivers and streams with icy water are frozen and slippery roads.

Scheme of 50K Ultra Trail route

50K Ultra Trail course starts from the Municipal Resort at 4:00 am at 915 meters above sea level, controlled 400 meters of asphalt, continues along the gravel road to La Constancia mountain ranch until the first stop station, then we enter a pine forest to ride on a technical horseshoe track with 7 km of ascent, called the Las Cabras slope, with 1250 positive incline, meet at the edge, on the road of Los Linderos, where the second stop station is located.

It takes 5 hours (being 9: 00 in the morning of the day) to ride 13 km with 1842 positives, anyone who does not arrive at this time is not allowed to go north to the Peak of Champaca after 9 am. Then we continue the race, heading north on the Edge of Los Linderos road, where we enter the edge of the rim bordering Las Lajas hill, along the mule track used by the loaders from the posts.

We are going to descend 1.5 km and enter the hiking trail that leads to the top of Cerro Champaqui, passing through caves, an alley, a cross, and climbing hills to reach the top on a bench on the highest part of Cordoba.

Here we need to head south, back on the trail to Borders Beach to keep going south on the Borders Trail until we will find the entrance to the Goat Slope and with third stop station. There we are going to descend the Cuesta de las Cabras, long and technical descent to a pine forest, we will follow a technical path to the old post, and leaving the old post we will find the fourth stop station.

We leave Estancia La Constancia to get closer to the town, where the second cut of the 50K route is located, then we will find the road to return west to the Ferreyra station. Heading towards the arrival on a wide road, we will leave the rolling road and get on the track to descend La Cruz and meet the last stop station.

Where is the stop station?

  • La Constancia – 6.2 km.
  • Edge – 13 km.
  • Edge – 22,4 km.
  • Los Corrales – 31,7 km.
  • Puesto Ferreyra – 40.6 km.
  • La Cruz – 47.5 km.

What’s in the stop station?

Water, oranges, bananas, chips, etc.

Mind the rules of the event

The water is not for bathing, it is for hydration, and being sympathetic to your companions who come behind you, because when they throw the water to drink they wet the food that contains the AP.