11K Motivating and 22K Overcoming race roads – fight and win

It’s commonly known that sport helps to relax and balance all the energy and mental state. In this meaning, race trips seem to be an excellent option to try. If you are fed up with short-distanced routes, it’s time to get acquainted with the ones we offer.

Get inspired with 11K Motivating race road

The 11-kilometer route is designed for runners and walkers, people who are starting to run, families or parents with children who want to practice cross-country skiing. You will discover the town of dreams in Traslasierra, pass by streams, fun skating, native forest mountains, viewpoints, farms, mule trails, 4×4 routes, and extremely diverse full tracks.

11K Motivating race route starts from a height of 915 meters above sea level, piloted by 400 meters of tarmac, where you can take up to the Ambrosio Gorge to technically and happily cross the crystal clear stream. The road will be set with the help of our staff until you reach the track.

When Cerrito la Cruz is reached, you will climb the slope of a dirt track where we leave the Escobar path, enter a small road towards Pretel, and from there climb to the arrival at the back of the Spa with 100g positive.

Where is the stop station?

La Cruz – 8,5 km.

What’s in the stop station?

  • Water, oranges, bananas, and crisps.
  • Required items to have
  • Capacity for 1 liter of water.
  • Sport T-shirt with your running number of 1024×884 size.

Do more with 22K Overcoming race road

The 22K Overcoming course is designed for runners who want to challenge themselves by overcoming the 10km barrier. It is a race through rugged terrain, discovering the city of dreams in the Sierras Grandes de Cordoba, the tram route, the tram runs, fun boats, mountains of native forests, viewpoints, ranches, mule tracks, 4×4 routes, and we also discover a varied route.

The trip starts at the same point. Then you need to reach La Constancia and take the path to the pine forest. Further along the path, you will find Los Corrales and the town of La Estancia to enter Ambrosio and cross the crystal flow to find a way that goes up. Cerro La Cruz is the next station.

Then you will climb the slope of a dirt road along the slope to enter the path of Escobar, reach a minor distance towards El Pretel, and from there towards Arrival at the end of the trip.

Where is the stop station?

  • La Constancia – 6,2 km.
  • Los Corrales – 9,8 km.
  • La Cruz – 19,5 km.

What’s in the stop station?

Water, oranges, bananas, chips, etc.

All in all, is it worth trying?

Such long race distances are perfect to refresh and find the essence to move forward. You will surely not regret starting.