37K Peak or real sport trial

It is a semi-self-destructive race, this road will dismount on its own in the event of abandonment unless you are very careful, it is a decision made by the MRL rescue team leader.

37K Peak road requires experience in long, cross-country races, preparation for terrain with big bumps, extreme temperatures (very hot or very cold), varied and changeable weather, sub-zero temperatures, winds, and even turbidity, wet snow, and snowfall.

Here the temperature drops to a few degrees below zero, with icy crossings over rivers and streams and slippery, frozen roads. To compete in these distances, runners must have previous experience and preparation from previous marathon distances.

37K Peak road is for runners who want to climb the summit of Cerro Champaqui 2884 n.m., the roof of Cordoba, pass by streams, fun rollercoaster rides, mountains of native forests, viewpoints, ranches, mule trails, 4×4 roads, and discover super-diversity.

You need to overcome only 37K to climb to the top of Cerro Champaqui with a positive score of 2685 without being Ultra Distance.

Runners in the 37K Peak must have certain mandatory items, which the organization will check for the safety of each runner during the course, as this course covers the top of the mountain reached where there are large temperature fluctuations, and with these elements, the runner can easily complete the entire race.

Where is the stop station?

  • La Constancia – 6,2 km.
  • Edge – 13 km.
  • Edge – 22.4 km.
  • Los Corrales – 31,7 km.
  • What’s in the stop station?
  • Water, oranges, bananas, chips, etc.
  • Required items to have
  • Capacity for 1 liter of water.
  • Sport T-shirt with your running number of 1024×884 size.

More things to mind

37K Peak road race is set with a self-evacuation system. If the runner leaves and verifies that it is an extreme condition, he or she should be independently evacuated to La Constancia Post, where rescue vehicles can arrive.

There are supply stations in this race, set at 2,600 meters above sea level, so you will need to find a tent because 80% of the days of the year there are strong winds in the Cerro Champaqui area, delivery is offered in 4×4 vehicles in these cases as it is a mountainous route.

If you arrive at 5:02 (but it was scheduled for 5:00), you cannot pass, it is all set up for logistics and safety for the runners, do not put staff at risk when the break time is shortened by the race director, and safety due to force majeure, such as weather changes, be it heat, rain, storm, etc., such decision will be made during the course of the race).

So to try on not to try?

37K Peak road race is definitely worth trying, but if you aren’t ready for such a load, don’t be in hurry.