Trail running on why to take in the Mountain Race Logistica

It is commonly known that those who try trail running not only repeat but also admire the sport activity, and this experience of running in the mountains becomes a very healthy habit but also a true passion. But to succeed here and take all the benefits the disciplines can give, you need to get acquainted with the basics and understand what it is, why it is cool and what the pros are. Let’s get started!

What is trail running? General meaning

The discipline of trail running is set in natural terrain like mountain areas, forest trails, and even understood deserts and forests. But the basic requirement is that this type of terrain should not exceed 30% of the plots on asphalt.

An interesting point is that every route counts as a route indeed, but trail races are not just ordinary event. The concept covers a wider range of natural spaces, and notable examples include caliber competitions such as the marathon crossing the desert or set somewhere in Alaska.

What are the types of trail running to be widely spread?

Classification can be established in up to four ways, depending on the distance covered in each event. Here is the basic list:

  • Trail: Races that run less than 42 kilometers.
  • Ultra Medium Trail: a race of 42 to 69 kilometers.
  • Trail L (extra long): Races that extend over 70 to 99 kilometers.
  • Trail XL (ultra Xlong): All races exceed the 100 kilometers barrier.

Why to pay attention to the Mountain Race Logistica?

Fisrt of all, mind that the Mountain Race Logistica is an endurance race of 5 distances:

  • 11 kilometers route, designed to encourage new athletes to enter the world of such a running;
  • 22 kilometers route is a competitive, fast and fun 22K event for all types of public;
  • 37 kilometers route is a novelty in this edition, because this distance is set to reach the top of the peak of Cordoba Cerro Ciampaqui;
  • the challenging 50 kilometers route also reaches the peak of Cerro Champaqui (2884 meters above sea level) and surprise with more activities;
  • the 68 kilometers route also climbs the peaks of Cerro Ciampaqui and Cerro del Cercado at 2660 meters.

The ultras mountain routes and distances of our competitions provide ITRA points to allow you to compete in UTMB (Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc) and other races.

By the way, Cerro Champaqui is a mountain located in the west of the province of Cordoba, in Argentina, to be considered the second Natural Wonder of the metropolitan region. As you can’t see, it will be a great mistake to miss such an opportunity!

How to prepare a trail running road?

The events’ calendar is a very important aspect to consider when programming all runners. As a rule, it is prepared based on calendars of occasions, competitions, and races published on social networks and others. The calendar should adapt to the runner’s lifestyle and pace of life, so as not to fall into stress and forced competition.

Therefore, it is necessary to select tests that balance my goal and realism to set goals. The main factor that determines this schedule is our physical condition before a particular competition or training.

The experts’ recommendations are to choose routes that we find very attractive and then break them down into easier tests. It is also common to develop test rides where you can determine the level of training and fitness.

This allows the runner to tackle specific terrain, slopes, and weather before the competition and correct whatever is needed. Regarding mandatory equipment to participate in n occasion, the Rules of Mountain Race Logistica require the mandatory use of certain equipment.

For this reason, it is important that the backpack can hold all this equipment or accessories without sacrificing the runner’s comfort at the start of training or competition.

Tips to mind before the route

Some tips that you can use to start going successfully include choosing the right clothes or accessories. You should bear in mind that when choosing clothes, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions present in the activity.

Socks and other clothing become necessary to run without injury, which will take us out of the practice for a while afterwards. With all these accessories and clothing items, you are ready to begin your journey through this exciting world of the discipline.

It is good to take into consideration small details that, although not important, are very useful at the time of running.

These are things like choosing the right music for running, and using running phrases for motivation, among other things. You need to understand that running is not the same as training, so your backpack needs to be stocked.

Devices like GPS or mobile phones should never be missing in the backpack to help us in any situation. Other supplies like hats, sunscreen, creams, and other equipment may be needed to complement all activities. All of these may be needed in the mountains and it is important to have them on hand to use when needed.

Remember about water reserve. You may not find a water source along the route through the mountain. To avoid this, carry a backpack with a fluid compartment. With most hydration packs, you don’t even need to stop or slow down to take a drink – just reach for a tube attached to your backpack.

So is the Mountain Race Logistica a good choice?

It’s always up to you. Here we tried to describe all the basics of trail running and the particularities of our race. Thus now it’s easier to conclude. Follow the tips and be happy in a new route trip!